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"He Loves You Very Much" Veggie Tales Rag Activity Blanket

This blanket features a center panel of "He Loves You Very Much" Veggie Tale. There are pockets on the front and secret pockets on the back for those favorite toys.This is a multi occasion blanket... use it on the couch and the pockets are a great place to put your remotes a sporting event, the activity blanket gives you an extra pocket for your cell phone or extra cash ...a great hiding place for the kids toys ...and many, many more activities. (Toys pictured is not included)

Approx Size: 50" x 60"

Fabrics: Denim / Cotton Blends

Batting Material: N/A

Batting Loft: N/A

Finish: Rag/ Fraying

Backing: Denim

Binding: Frayed Edges

Care: Gentle Machine Wash in Cold Water - Gentle Low Machine Dry or Line
Note: With additional laundering, denim will soften and additional fraying may occur. Loss strings can be removed by gently pulling them off. Seam are double stitched for reinforcement.


"He Loves You Very Much" Veggie Tales Rag Blanket

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